DeCreed is a women's clothing company that caters to a woman's best assets: the skin she's in. Through custom cut garments & daring designs, DeCreed services women of every shape & size. Whether you're setting Miami ablaze, preparing for a weekend getaway to LA, or heating the night up, DeCreed is the one brand in your wardrobe that's sure to stay. 
Lucretia Russell is a proud Philadelphia native & both the founder & designer of DeCreed. Inspired by the beautiful architecture throughout her hometown, her designs have evolved to incorporate a mixture of silhouettes, sharp lines, shapes, textures, & patterns. This limitless potential & risk taking, has set the tone for DeCreed to create trends- instead of following them.
"My appreciation of architecture inspires me to produce for the seductive yet sophisticated woman..." -Lucretia Russell 
With over a decade of seamstress experience, Lucretia has become an established designer over the years. She not only conceives, sketches & creates garments, but develops them as well. With a Fashion Design degree from Moore College of Art & Design, she has fueled rapidly in growth as a designer & overall business woman. Her unique & creative concepts, have kept her focus, while still permitting time & space to remain a dedicated life-learner in the fashion industry. 
 While some may find her visions daring, she purposely designs for the confidence she believes is hidden within every woman. And if you ask, she'll tell you...
"I want all of my clients to feel comfortable in the skin they're in, because with DeCreed... a little skin never hurts." -Lucretia Russell